Grade R

1. Arrival routines

2. Mathematics

3. Literacy

4. Gross and fine motor play activities

5. Art

6. Music

7. Perception activities – auditory, visual, sensory etc.

8. Pre writing activities ( Gr R and Gr 00)

9. Pre reading activities ( Gr R )

10. Sleep time routines ( 2-3 , 3-4 and 4-5 Year groups )

11. Mealtime routines – includes serving , setting the tables and counting out cutlery – activities

( Menus are available on request )

An average of 40 themes is addressed over the period of 1 year.

Each of these age groups has a specific programme with age appropriate outcomes per learning area.

These outcomes are progressive between the different age groups.

We do NOT do copied worksheets.  WHY?  Each of the different outcomes is taught and established kinaesthetically (experiencing or making meaning from physical activity to create long term memory). Once the concept of the outcome is fully developed and established kinaesthetically– we proceed to the 3 dimensional application – (using 3 dimensional objects) and then only 2 dimensional executions (on paper).

Progress reports are handed out 3 times per year.

A profile is compiled with the child’s work during the course of the year for 2 reasons – to preserve their work and for assessment purposes.   It is sent home at the end of the year along with the final progress report.

Small groups – maximum 15 learners per class ensures individual attention.

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