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Welcome to Smiley Kids Bedfordview


Smiley Kids Bedfordview is a member of the Smiley Kids Early Childhood Development Association in South Africa. We were established in 2001 in Bedfordview and is owned and managed by Hannari Pretorius. An open door to communication is what I stand by and encourage at all times.

Owner: Hannari Pretorius | Principal:  Charlene Nel

We follow a No Corporal Punishment Policy

Raising the pre-school benchmark!

Smiley Babes

We pride ourselves in the exceptional Baby Stimulation Programme that we follow. This was developed in co-operation with an occupational therapist specializing in Baby Development.


Each of these age groups has a specific programme with age appropriate outcomes per learning area.These outcomes are progressive between the different age groups.


We render this service to learners from the surrounding primary schools.


Outsourced to a reputable transport company for your peace of mind.

What Our Parents Say

Themes for the term

2-5 Years Term 2:

  • Domestic animals: Cats
  • Domestic animals: Dogs
  • Domestic animals: Budgie
  • Domestic animals: Budgie
  • Farm animals: Sheep
  • Farm animals: Cows
  • Farm animals: Chickens
  • Wild animals : Elephants
  • Wild animals: Lions
  • Wild animals: Cheetahs


2-5 Years Term 3:

  • People who help us: Hospital and the doctor
  • People who help us: Dentist and sparkling teeth
  • Keeping safe: Household dangers
  • Keeping safe:Personal safety awareness
  • Reptiles: Tortoise
  • Reptiles: Tortoise
  • Reptiles: Frogs
  • Reptiles: Frogs
  • Our beautiful country : Flag, national symbols and plant a tree
  • Our beautiful country : Cultural experience. Food,music,dance,clothing



Grade R Term 2:

  • Wild animals: Lions
  • Wild animals: Leopard
  • Wild animals: Buffalo
  • Wild animals: Elephants
  • Wild animals: Rhinoceros
  • Farm animals: Sheep and pigs
  • Farm animals: Chickens and geese
  • Birds of prey: Eagle
  • Birds of prey: Owl
  • Birds of prey: Vulture



Grade R Term 3:

  • Reptiles: Snakes
  • Reptiles: Crocodile
  • Reptiles: Lizard
  • Reptiles: Frogs
  • Insects: Ants
  • Insects: Bees
  • Insects: Bees
  • Insects: Silkworms
  • Our beautiful country: Flag, national symbols and plant a tree
  • Our beautiful country: Cultural experience. Food,music,dance,clothing



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